Insurance Questions Answered Here

insurance questionsQuestions about insurance? If you have insurance questions, you are not alone. Insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry but it is also one of the most confusing subjects on the planet. Unless you are an insurance agent, chances are that the terminology alone makes your head spin. After all, who in the world knows what these words mean: deductible, stop loss, collision, out-of-pocket maximum, coinsurance, copay, lifetime maximum, face amount? Trying to sort through an insurance document can give almost anyone a headache.

We’ve built this site to answer your questions about insurance. There are literally hundreds of types of insurance sold in America today, so we’ve chosen to stick with the biggest topics here, including health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance and Medicare insurance. From time to time, we also discuss some specialty types of insurance, such as disability insurance or long term care insurance.

Our goal here isn’t to make you an insurance whiz overnight, but we do hope to be able to define some of the more basics terms that you’ll encounter when shopping for a policy. We’ll also tackle some of the most widely asked insurance questions and post them for you to read.  We hope that we can make your experience with buying insurance just a little easier.

How to Use this Website

We’ve sorted our questions into categories which you can find across the top menu bar. If you’ve got a question about auto insurance, check out the Auto Insurance category and see if we have already answered that question. If not, you can submit your question via our Contact page, and we’ll do our best to answer it and make it a future post here.